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Welcome to The Pet Shop U.K

We specialise in selling pet supplies online for a variety of our loved ones including, dogs, cats, small animals - such as rats & ferrets, tarantulas & reptiles. Whether you want a cat bed or collar, vivarium or basking light we have it & guarantee fast delivery on all orders. We stock helpful books, vivarium’s, collars, leads, medications, frozen food, live-food, feeding bowls, toys, lighting, heating and much much more. With special offer’s every month.

All live-food and frozen food comes to you direct from the U.K's best breeder to ensure you receive your order in the freshest possible condition

We stock products from some of the best brands in the pet trade which include; Euro-Rep, ProRep, Zoo-Med, Exo Terra, VivExotic, T-Rex, Arcadia, Lucky Reptile, Komodo, Rosewood Pets & 40 Winks.

We stock a wide range of accessories including heat mats, ceramic heat emitters, basking lights, mercury vapour bulbs, wooden & glass vivarium’s, UVB strip lights, vivarium decor, feeding bowls, dog & cat beds, flea collars, leads & dog & cat toys.

Live-foods include; black crickets, brown crickets, locusts, mealworms, earth worms, wax-worms, fruit flies & Dubai cockroaches.


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